23 Jun

T-fal cookware has made change over the years. The most popular product of T-fal cookware is T-fal non-stick pans. It is the most products that is purchased by the costumer. This product is designed for food-safe of pan with no lead. And also the base is the encapsulated stainless steel and it’s not contained any cadmium and PDFA.

Great Cooking Experience with T-Fal Cookware

T-fal cookware of non-stick pan is the best quality pan with hard non-stick finish for inside and outside area. This cooking pan is designed so that it can be used easily. The overall shape of the pan allow to flip certain foods, that is usually very hard to be flipped, can be flipped easily on this pan such as pancakes and eggs with less steps.

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Moreover, the handle is made from stainless base in order to give more comfort and avoid slip. Because the pan is made of stainless base, it is easy to keep it clean. You also can easily clean it from stain.
T-fal professional non-stick pan wide is 12.4 inches or 32 cm. In order to get great heat distribution for the pan, base of stainless steel disc in installed over aluminum. Also it is anti-warping.

The pan is installed with thermo spot. It is very useful as indicator of cooking temperature. It can help you to estimate when pans is already heated. For maximum resistant, the pro metal hard base is also installed so that it is safe to use the pan with other metal utensils.


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