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DeLonghi EC155 Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Computing device

Product Description:

  • DeLonghi Espresso/Cappuccino Maker creates the superb froth anytime
  • Pump-driven espresso maker facets a dishwasher-safe detachable spill tray
  • Kitchen equipment deals a 2-in-1 sempre crema filter holder
  • Swivel jet frother makes cappuccino, latte or every other frothy milk beverage simply
  • 35-ounce detachable water tank makes cleansing a breeze
  • Stainless metal boiler is extraordinary, so you can take pleasure in espressos for years to return

Awesome machine (for the price)

I bought this as my first espresso machine, and it has performed admirably. If you are looking for a quality, reliable machine with basic features that will fit into pretty much any budget, I would definitely recommend this one. Even though it is a "lower end" machine, it is solidly built, and nothing about it feels cheap. The included instructions are clear and concise, and were a great help to me, as I was a newcomer to the world of espresso. As far as actual operation, the boiler heats up quickly, the water reservoir is adequate and easily removable, and as long as you know what you're doing with grinding and tamping, it makes an excellent cup of espresso every time. The steam nozzle works well, but if the machine is placed directly on the counter top, there is little room beneath the nozzle, and it could be difficult to find a container shallow enough to fit beneath it. This is easily fixed by setting it on a short box or other platform, though. The major shortcoming of this machine, in my mind, is that it only has one boiler, which much be switched from espresso temperature to steam temperature. This seriously limits the number of steamed-milk-based drinks it can make in a given time, since the boiler must heat up for steam and cool down for espresso for each drink made, a process which easily takes 15 minutes. This makes it essentially a personal espresso maker, and not a good choice if you plan to regularly serve multiple people. Overall, though, it's a great choice for the price, I'm definitely glad I bought it, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a well-made, inexpensive basic espresso maker.Read full review...


DeLonghi EC155 Comments

This is rather a fun machine to use. If you want only one small cup of espresso, it works fine. To accommodate larger amount, I purchased additional filters on-line. To clean the filters it is necessary to run hot water through them after grounds have been washed away, otherwise stale coffee stays in them until next use. At 3 charges per day, the machine will last about one year, at which point the pump motor will freeze up.Read full review...

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Can't go wrong for a first Espresso; makes great crema and @ sub 100?

Great unit, this is my second one. Got the first used on a 'hunch' and never looked back, and the plastic on it was broken badly!. Though the plastic tamper attachment is fairly useless, and the frother/steamer is weak for frothing, the rest of it makes up for it. Powerful pump for great crema, easy to use, removable tank. I use it 5x a day, and have no issues with it at all. Do yourself a favor, get a good steel 52mm tamper! You CANNOT go wrong with this machine, read the directions and TAMP 30lbs or better on European grind or espresso grind and your tastebuds will thank you!Read full review...


Makes a good cup of espresso for an inexpensive machine

What prompted me to buy this machine was primarily the price. It had the features I was looking for such as a power pump (15 bars) and the ability to make several espressos in a row. It produces a decent cup of espresso, especially for a machine with such a low price tag. I like the built-in tamper too. It comes in quite handy so I don't have to find my manual tamper. A couple things I think are less than desirable are: The distance between the espresso nozzles and the cup tray in not nearly big enough for even a regular size coffee cup, much less a large mug like I prefer. You have to use an espresso shot glass or small espresso cup (neither is included) to be short enough to fit in the small space it allows for a cup. The other thing I dislike somewhat is the smaller capacity of the water tank. It's about half of that of other models I compared with this one. Other than the size issues it's not a bad machine. I wouldn't pay over $100 for this machine, however. There are better choices for not much more money than that with far better features.Read full review...


Good espresso machine

I'm a coffee lover on this machine so far has deliver good expresssos, with the good creamy top. I still need to find a right coffee to be stronger. I don't use the small cup just the bigger one to make me a luongo size espresso. You must remember this machine is manual, meaning you have to stop it at the cup size you want.Read full review...

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Basic but works great

We love this machine. We have used one almost daily for many years and it finally gave up the ghost, so we just ordered an identical replacement. This is not a fancy machine but it does exactly what we want, which is to make great espresso easily and with minimal hassle. The simplicity of the machine seems to contribute to it's longevity. We use only drinking water for it that is purchased in bulk at the store, so we have no calcium buildup problems that require extensive or even regular cleaning. We learned years ago that our tap water leaves residue on everything, even when cycled through our water filtration and softening system. Using distilled water or spring water from the store eliminates many problems with our four coffee making systems. A couple of times a year we simply run some white vinegar through our DeLonghi as a preventive measure, and I clean the coffee residue off of the internal parts every few months. Like I said, we used an identical DeLonghi for many years before replacing it with this one. Not too much to review...it is inexpensive, works great, and lasts a long time if quality water is used. It's perfect for us.Read full review...

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Absolutely the best home machine for the price!

This machine does almost everything the expensive machines do at a fraction of the cost. The only restriction I have found is that there isn't quite enough bar pressure for very fine grind coffee. Not really a problem as long as you don't use a very fine grind. you need to practice with the machine until you get the right formula of grind, blend, and quantity down to your taste preference. I prefer using a local roaster and working with them on the blend and the grind and I have mine perfected. Better than I can get at Starbucks for pennies per cup! It also takes time to learn how to get the most out of the frother but a little experimentation and I have that down pat as well. My technique is to use half & half instead of milk and to just pour about a half inch into the frothing pitcher and tilt it so that the tip of the frother is near the bottom of the pitcher. That way the froth stays dense and heats up to the proper temperature. Read full review...

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DeLonghi EC155 Espresso Machine

After cleaning this machine as instructed (upon removing it from its packing box), I found this instruction not only needed for starting with a clean espresso maker, but this also allows the new user to become acquainted with its operation (very necessary).
We have roasted our own beans for several years, grinding a small amount every morning for regular coffee. What initally interested me in brewing espresso was an article in an Awake! magazine on the subject of espresso and its flavors generated by some 500 different processes that take place in a green coffee bean when roasted for espresso. Noting the skill needed to make a GOOD cup of espresso also showed me that there must be a reason why some espresso drinkers become so excited over this type of brew.
This DeLonghi model is reasonably priced and has produced some nice cups of the coffee espresso for our family, better than what I have often had at shoppes in our visits to Italy or France. Yes, do purchase a set of espresso cups and saucers to allow the cups to be easily placed under the machine's spouts. Also, consider using the heated water to heat the cups before filling (I use the adjacent microwave to heat the cups with a small amount of water in each cup, this saving the heated water in the espesso machine for brewing more espresso.
This is a good machine for a reasonable price, cleans easily, heats water quickly enough, easy to tamper the ground beans.... all these were some negative points I read about before my purchase. Those negatives all disappeared when we learned how to operate this model EC155.
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A true pump machine for the price of a steam-driven one

Fantastic for the price. I upgraded after many years with a pump-less. machine. Very well made except for the internal water container. Its handle was broken; I repaired it by drilling 2 elongated holes and installing a small zip tie and it's fine now. Been using this machine twice a day for a week with excellent results. Note: a regular coffee mug won't fit in there, but that's not what this machine is made for.Read full review...


Quality of espresso by this machine

This is my second machine. The first one started leaking water thru steam outlet.
I like crema and milk froth it makes. This is an entry level basic in expensive machine and if lasts for a year, I should feel happy.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: aroma-mocha


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