02 Jul

Tramontina cookware becomes favorite cookware for many people who love to mobile a lot especially in the wild life for doing outdoor adventure. It is impossible for them to bring along the standard cookware which is used for daily cooking activity because it is not practical to be used in the middle of wild environment for instance. It will not be good option for backpacking as well because they need to bring something simple and practical. Various camping or backpacking cookware can be found out there but people will get perfect choice with tramontina cookware.

In the Tramontina Cookware Package

Tramontina cookware comes in package of cookware which can be used for various purposes. Although it is designed for outdoor use with simpler and more practical shape, people can ensure that they can have cooking experience which is not so different from the regular cookware. In the package, they will get two sauté pans with eight inches and ten inches size. They will also find 1 qt. sauce pan with its cover as well as 2 qt. sauce pan with its cover. Last but not least, they will also get 5 qt. stockpot or Dutch oven completed with the cover in the package of tramontina cookware.

Construction and Finishing of Tramontina Cookware

Tramontina cookware with tri-ply clad stainless steel offers people with the products which consist of three plies of aluminum and it is coated with two plies of stainless steel. Although it comes with tri-ply clad, the pots and pans thickness is only 2.6 mm. meanwhile, they can also get the cast stainless steel handle which can ensure the comfort as well as security. People will also find the perfect finishing from this product. The sauté pans are finished perfectly without sharp cutting and perfect finishing can also be found in the handle of tramontina cookware.

Tramontina Cookware Cooking Performance

Tramontina cookware will make people perfect experience of cooking so they will not find great difference from cooking experience at home. The tri-ply design makes them get the perfect distribution of heat across the pan and pot. It is stainless steel cookware so people will be able to cook on the heat which is set in much lower. The pots as well as pans will be able to help people prepare the fine sauces. The products are safe in the oven up to 400 degrees F. Cool handles can be enjoyed when people are cooking but they still need to use mitts when they are cooking with the tramontina cookware.


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