21 Jun

Custom Hoods for One-of-a-Kind Kitchens

A one-of-a-kind custom hood is the focal-point of any designer kitchen. There is no better way to tie together all of the timber lockers and granite tops than with a unique habit designed metal punk. Whether the material is copper, zinc, stainless or carbon steel, Runa Novak from In Your Space, Interior Design can provide the excellent answer for all of your custom-made designed kitchen needs

For this project, Runa chose to motif a patronage bonnet to kudos the large grove closets and walnut island in a Colorado mountain home. The intent outcome, a zinc cannon hood with leashes and rivets, was featured in Colorado Homes and Lifestyle Magazine for their special kitchen edition in Sept/ Oct 2013.

Runa Novak can build a habit punk in any style of your to choose their own part of her interior design services, including cannon, buzzer, modern and French country. You can also choose from different custom-made hood textiles: copper and zinc, hammered , non-hammered, buckled, and studs, etc.